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Ministerial Leadership Academy

This ministry is designed under the unction of the Holy Spirit to equip and develop men and women who have been called by God to serve the people as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Participants engage in theological discussions, a rich curriculum based in sound doctrine, and have access to resources that will further engage them in the study of the word of God.

Music Ministry

The music ministry is a vibrant and anointed ministry in our church. This ministry ups to set the atmosphere by bringing the people of God into worship and to worship with exuberant praise and thanksgiving unto God.

Creative Worship Ministry

This ministry utilizes drama, dance, mime, puppets, flag and drill team to enhance the service experience and utilize the gifts of all the youth in our church. All children, young adults, and anyone interested in using their God-given gifts in these areas are encouraged to participate.

Kingdom Kids

The Kingdom Kids ministry is for very young children up to the age of 12 that primarily focuses on the words and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ at a level that they can understand. Christian morals and values are taught to develop the character Jesus Christ in all of our kids.

Marriage & Couples Ministry

Couples learn the value of God-fearing Christian marriages and the joy that Jesus Christ brings into their relationship. Workshops, conferences, outings, and counseling sessions are used to allow couples to further understand their purpose in Jesus Christ as husband and wife while establishing a lifelong, healthy Christian marriage.

Usher & Greeter Ministry

The Usher & Greeter Ministry is an anointed and beautiful ministry of our church. The Ushers and Greeters are trained to provide an exceptional church service experience as members and visitors enter and exit the church campus.

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer Ministry is a vital part of our church. These prayer warriors are assembled on a team to come together to pray for the pastors, the church, the sick and homebound, and all those requesting prayer.

Ramp Ministry

This ministry focuses on the spiritual development of our teenagers and young adults. There are workshops, conferences, and other outings designed specifically for opportunities to fellowship with their peers and discuss the word of God. This ministry also has access to online media and resources for additional ministry development.

Women of Honor

This ministry is an anointed and Holy Ghost field Godsend for women of all ages. Women of Honor is led by Pastor Paula, where she utilizes the word of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to minister, teach, counsel, and demonstrate compassion for all who join. There are bible studies, conferences, and workshops designed specifically to meet the needs of all women. Abigail’s Reflection and God’s Graceful Girls are two additional ministries under the Women of Honor ministry.

Men of Standard and Purpose Ministry

Bishop Shephard leads this dynamic, Holy Ghost field, and empowering ministry to men of all ages who have the opportunity to engage in meaningful and purposeful teaching, workshops, conferences, and other events to learn how to be kingdom men.